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Why do prestige resprays cost so much?

Many people ask us why do prestige resprays cost so much by main dealers? They quote us all sorts of respray and accident repair prices that make our eyes water and reel in disbelief. So what is it that main Ferrari and other dealers have that make their bodywork and car spraying so expensive?

Is it that their body guys are superior in every way and possess untouchable car body repairs and spraying skills?

Are the paints they use or the equipment they use so high tech that a high price is demanded?

We happen to think its neither, a high quality body repair technician and a well maintained low bake oven will produce out standing results, its all in the attention to detail!

Are Ferrari - Porsche and other prestige resprays that different to any other high spec car?

Lets Look at it like this:

A spray gun does not know what car it is being pointed at.

A low bake oven does not know what car it contains at any given time and a rubbing down block is just a block of plastic without skilled hands guiding it.

Our staff are fully trained and think in terms of always doing their very best, second to none and right first time is their mind set. Passion and enthusiasm is our driving force for our great work, we work to succeed and produce the best prestige resprays possible.

Attention to detail and the ability to clearly focus on fantastic bodywork and car spraying is what separates the average from the elite. The forward vision to see  finished prestige resprays in our heads first, with all the defects removed and in a showroom condition, we then work backwards from the final image putting everything right.

Ferrari Restoration

“A great job starts first in the minds eye”. Then the vehicle is crafted to be the best it can be.

Ferrari and other prestige resprays are no different to any other high class car, sorry but that’s the truth and honesty is always the best policy.

Yes the Ferrari body shape is a beautiful form and different to other high class cars but should you pay more for your bodywork just because of the emblem?

There is a common misconception that quality must cost the earth. Yes, quality costs money because there is a lot of time invested in getting your car right but over charging is not necessary. There is also a perception that customers of high end classy cars expect to pay the earth, a Ferrari owner expects to pay double or more for their car to be done right. At ST-performance ltd we Believe our work to be up and over the top scale of quality .


Prestige Bodywork – Quality Without Dealership Prices!

We pay attention to detail to all cars and high end sports car resprays its a challenge and a pleasure because our passion is in the art of vehicle refinishing, you pay for our time and skill not because we are a main dealership with a comfy lounge and an espresso coffee machine!

Ferrari and prestige resprays at a fraction of dealership prices and the same high quality.

We admit quality does cost but before you part with your hard earned cash at a Ferrari dealership get their price first then give us a call, we have been doing Ferrari resprays at ST-Performance Ltd for the past 10+ years.

We know that our work is high class, dependable and extremely good value for money, don’t waste money when quality can be bought for less. You are welcome to visit our body shop in  Retford Nottighamshire or just cruise our site as all the photos on these pages are our own work.


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