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peugeot 106 Dimma wide arch kit

Front bumper

Rear bumper

L + R front Wings

L + R Rear wings

peugeot 106 Dimma

Name : Body kit 106 maxi

Ref : 0003

Description : Body kit Peugeot 106 maxi in polyester including 2 front wings, 2 rear wings, 1 front spoiler, 1 rear spoiler, 2 side skirts, 1 front splitter.


Wheel fitment

Front: 8x17" Offsets:ET 0
Rear: 8x17" Offsets:ET 36
Tyres: 205/40
Possible: 8x18" where additional modification to arches is undertaken


£4200 includes the cost of the kit, fitting, finishing and spraying by  ST-Performance ltd and a set of hub adaptors. Vehicle, wheels, tyres not supplied, spraying is in the car's original colour and excludes specialist paints.


Dimma 106 kit wide

peugeot Dimma 106

L+R side Skirts

Genuine Dimma

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